We can help you create your very own cake.  It's easy! Pick 1 type of cake and 1 type of mousse, buttercream, fruit curd or fruit preserve and we'll combine them into layers for your own customized cake.  If you are uncertain about what flavors will go well together, we can recommend combinations that will suit your taste buds.

Custom Mousse Cakes & Prices:

Cakes: 6" 8" 10"
Vanilla Chiffon
Lemon Chiffon
Coffee Chiffon
$30   $36 $45
*For 2 mousses or 1 mousse + fruits... $36 $42 $52
Mango Chiffon
Chocolate Chiffon
Coconut Chiffon
Banana Cake
$36 $42 $52
*For 2 mousses or 1 mousse + fruits... $42 $48 $60


Mousses:   Cheesecake Mousse: Fruits:
Strawberry Blueberry Add to Price: Strawberry
Lychee Coffee $6 for 6" cakes Mango
Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate $8 for 8" cakes Lychee
Coconut White Chocolate $10 for 10" cakes Pineapple
Mango Dark Chocolate    
Wild Berry Mint Chocolate    

*Mousse Cakes will be 2.5" high.  They are surrounded by Joconde Décor (a decorative Almond cake strip).  If allergic to Almonds, 6 & 8 inch cakes can be replaced by glazing entire cake with Dark Chocolate Glaze.  Please inform us of allergies prior to ordering.

Custom Buttercream/Fruit Curd/Fruit Preserve Cakes & Prices:

Cakes: 6" 8" 10"
Classic Vanilla Cake
Lemon Cake
$40 $48 $54
Banana Cake
Coconut Cake
Red Velvet Cake
$45 $51 $57
Rich Chocolate Cake
White Chocolate Cake
$48 $54 $60


Buttercreams: Fruit Curds: Fruit Preserves:
Passion Fruit
White Chocolate
Passion Fruit
Black Currant
Wild Berry

* Buttercream, Fruit Curd, or Fruit Preserve filled cakes will be 3 inches high and can be covered in either Rolled fondant or Buttercream.

Note: Cake presentation might be changed by availability of seasonal fruits or ingredients. All prices are subject to change without notice. Please call for details.