Besides the Bride looking her most beautiful on the day of her wedding, attention is also given to a traditional and glamorous component to a wedding reception: the happy couples' wedding cake.  During the cake cutting ceremony, both photographers and guests simply love and go crazy with their cameras in order to get the perfect shot of the smiling couple with their beautifully designed custom wedding cake.  There are several key elements that need to be considered when deciding on your perfect wedding cake.  These include: cake types & fillings, cake design, cake pricing, etc.  But first, it is highly recommended to book an appointment for a wedding cake consultation with cake designer. 

The Yellow Sugar Fairy, a home-based cake studio in Richmond, offers complimentary wedding cake consultations for bridal couples.  Once the wedding cake consultation date has been set, Melina Ng (baker and cake designer) will meet with the bridal couple in her studio.  The cake consultation serves many purposes.  A one-on-one session allows the cake designer and bridal couple to get acquainted with each other.  The couple may like to see the designer's portfolio of cakes, communicate to the cake designer what design elements they like and dislike, as well as go over any questions or concerns the couple may have.  The cake designer will also provide her expertise and share valuable input to guide the couple along with their cake decision making process.  Most importantly, the wedding cake consultation establishes a personal connection and understanding for the cake designer to create a dream wedding cake for the bride and groom.  Should the bridal couple already have preset ideas or photos of how they would like their wedding cake to look like, the cake designer encourages them to bring those ideas and information along to the consultation.  The Yellow Sugar Fairy designs cakes that are original and unique for each bridal couple --a cake design is never created twice.  So when should the couple book for a wedding cake consultation?  It is suggested to book a consultation as early as 6 months to 1 year in advance especially if your wedding is during the peak wedding season.  However, The Yellow Sugar Fairy will consider accepting wedding cake orders with as little as 2-3 weeks' notice. 

            Variety is important when it comes to satisfying the taste buds of the bride and groom, as well as their special guests.  This is why The Yellow Sugar Fairy has a wide selection of cakes (Classic Vanilla, Rich Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Banana, Lemon, Coconut, Red Velvet etc.) and offers many types of cake fillings (buttercreams, fruit curds, fruit preserves, dark & white chocolate ganache), all are made from scratch.  Wedding cake consultations are complimentary and are by-appointment only.  Melina will become the bridal couple's very own “sugar fairy” and transform their simple cake ideas into a reality, creating an unforgettable wedding cake for the BIG DAY.  Cake tasting is can be arranged after the consultation for a fee of $40.  The bridal couple will be able to choose 3 types of cakes and 3 fillings to sample.