Wedding Cake Consultation

During the cake consultation, the Melina will take down notes of the bridal couples’ ideas and may draw preliminary sketches of the cake.  The style of the wedding cake is usually seen as a representation of the bridal couples’ personalities.  Some common styles include traditional, romantic, classic, simple, whimsical, modern and floral.  Also, custom wedding cake designs can be created using creative touches that describe the bride and groom, like personalized monograms (M & N for Melissa & Nathan).  Once a general cake style has been determined, the theme color(s) will be discussed. 

It is recommended that the colors used in the wedding reception décor be incorporated within the wedding cake.  There are endless ways to decorate the wedding cake.  Most wedding cakes are covered in Rolled Fondant (soft sugar dough) to give a smooth satiny finish to the exterior of the cake.  Rolled Fondant can be tinted into any desired color to match the wedding décor.  It can also be cut into different shapes to create patterns and textures on the cake.  Royal Icing is mainly used for decorative piping on the cake and should be used in small amounts since it dries hard.  Using flowers from the wedding décor on the wedding cake is a good way to incorporate the two together.  Fake flowers made from Gum Paste (similar to rolled fondant in terms of texture, but it dries even harder than royal icing).  Gum Paste flowers should only be used to decorate cakes and can be saved as a wedding keepsake.  They require a lot of skill and are extremely time consuming to make and thus will increase the cost of the wedding cake.  Most bridal couples opt to use fresh flowers instead of gum paste flowers to cut wedding costs.