Wedding Cake Pricing & Additional/Optional Fees

Cake Tasting
Cake tasting is usually done during the consultation or on a separate cake tasting date and can be complimentary or at a small cost, depending on the baker/cake designer.  At The Yellow Sugar Fairy, an appointment is needed for cake tasting for a fee of $40.  When the bridal couple is shown the list of cake types & fillings during the initial wedding cake consultation, they will be able to choose their favorites for sampling on cake tasting day. 

Cake Pricing & Serving Size
Wedding cake pricing is determined by cake servings and cake design.  The starting rate is $3.50+ per serving, depending on the cake flavors and the cake design elements (customizations, intricate piping work, etc.).  A typical wedding cake tier measures 4 inches high, thus a wedding cake serving will be approximately 1 inch x 2 inches and 4 inches high.

Cake Stand Rental & Deposit
Cake stands can be a pretty costly purchase for a one time occasion.  Thus, The Yellow Sugar Fairy has a collection of beautiful cake stands which can be rented for a fee of $35 each per event.  A cake stand deposit of ($100-$250), which reflects the value of the cake stand, is also required.  This amount is fully refundable if the cake stand is returned in original condition.

Wedding Cake Order Deposit
As with most wedding vendors, a cake order deposit of $150 is required to reserve the “Fairy’s” time commitment specifically for the day of your wedding.  Unless a cake order deposit is received, the bridal couple’s booking is only tentative and the date is available for booking by another client.  This amount will be deducted from the total cost of your cake order.  Cake order deposits are non-refundable should the cake order be cancelled.

Delivery & Set-Up
The wedding cake will be safely transported to the reception and set up at the designated time.  Setting up the cake can take roughly 30-90minutes depending on the size of the cake.  The Delivery & Set-Up fee is $55.